Stunner - Grey Red Glitter
Stunner - Grey Red Glitter
Stunner - Grey Red Glitter

Stunner - Grey Red Glitter

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Color: Glossy Grey Red Glitter

Shape: Extra Long/Coffin

Wear: Up to 3 weeks using the liquid glue or 1 day using our adhesive tabs. Treat them with love and you can re-use them as many times as you would like!

Includes: Every set of SugarClaws Instant Acrylics comes with 24 multi-sized acrylic nails and an application kit containing:

- nail glue
- nail buffer
- cuticle pusher
- 24 adhesive tabs
- alcohol wipe

Easy Application - Follow these 7 Steps:

1. Find the size that best fits your nails and lay them out in order.
2. Push back your cuticles using the wooden cuticle pusher.
3. Lightly buff the surface of your natural nail.
4. Using the alcohol wipe, cleanse your nail and let dry.
5. Starting from your pinky, apply a generous amount of glue to both your nail and to the back of the acrylic nail.
6. Place the acrylic nail down and in line with your cuticle
7. Hold for 30 seconds, and enjoy!

No returns or exchanges due to the hygienic nature of our nails.
Feel free to contact us with any of your questions.
Thanks for supporting our small business!

♡ Enjoy Loves! ♡